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"Jorge is one of the most hardworking and talented musicians I have worked with anywhere in the world.  He gave his heart and soul to my Almas Buenas album project which is all I ever hope for with collaborators. The preproduction work we undertook for the album was exactly what was needed to allow us to record live with some of the best musicians in Argentina, most of which Jorge sourced.  I would happily work with Jorge again and can genuinely say that your project is in safe hands with him.  One of Jorge's phrases that stuck in my mind was  "when the muse comes she should find us working" and this perfectly sums up the professional balance Jorge has between inspiration and craft."


Almas Buenas

Jorge Soldera: Arreglos musicales y dirección

Jorge Soldera: Arrangements & musical conductor

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Moebius Studio Buenos Aires

Drongomala & Jorge Soldera

Juan Pablo Navarro
& Jorge Soldera

Carlos Corrales
& Jorge Soldera
Oscar Magariños
& Jorge Soldera